Elements of Happiness


Well….I’ve got very little time to write this blog and yet I have been pondering the above for a while now. In many respects all the criteria for happiness were met for me over the last 3-4 days …a rich,satisfying and exciting love life underlies my current situation…I spent time with my children over the weekend.I went to visit my mother and was able to help her out and we shared a lovely lunch together….I then spent the evening with my oldest and dearest friend …we made a fire in the garden and stood around in the cold ranting about the horrible government and asked ourselves if we might find a public way of expressing our anger and distaste for the way things are. We then played table tennis,ate a gorgeous vegan dinner then got a little mashed played ukulele for a couple of hours & laughed so hard we struggled to catch our breath.

I came home today tidied up,made some good food, relaxed did some gentle exercise and I’m now off to see my beloved…..right now….life is beautiful….xx

Lazy exercise……for flexibility…not aerobic…would that interest anyone….?


Found a way of stretching that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is easy to do. More for artists,musicians & people who like t’ai chi and yoga than people who ‘like’ exercise…running,the gym and the like. It involves using the natural movements of our arms and shoulders involves turning,twisting & rotating wrists…..it is not aerobic in anyway & the stretches can be infinitely graded according to the flexibility and strength of the individual……really made for people who don’t like exercising….find dancing a bit exposing but would like to do SOMETHING to combat the increasing onset of stiffness and creakyness as they transition from middle aged to elderly although the movement would really suit & look particularly good on some super fit & energetic types too. The key to this ‘programme’ is a single and common object that we can all gain cheap and easy access to……

   I reckon it could be done by & enjoyed by just about anyone…all they would have to do is give it a go & spend a small amount of time on it. & Doing it in a group would be great…a laugh & a way to share other peoples creative ideas as to how to go about creating more excercises & movement & working ways of doing things in pairs/groups….

…if you read this please let me know if this sort of thing interests you or anyone you know….right now it’s a bit vague but for me it’s the beginning ….something…

Monday Morning Moaning


As a separated Dad I tend to have my teenagers with me at the weekends when I’m not working.I welcome it and I am very happy to see them. Recently I bought myself a small flat in a sleepy seaside town in which they have two basement rooms, I figured they have no need of windows,or light, after all they are teenagers, what need have they of such things…?! They’re never up before lunchtime and all they seem to need now is a socket, wi-fi and occasionally some food.

  We have got to the point that I imagine many parents of teenagers get to which is of a somewhat uneasy stand off….I would LIKE to spend more time with them talking/sharing etc BUT being their parent I’m the last person they want to talk to ,take any advice from. Expressions of concern for their wellbeing,schoolwork or whereabouts can all be seen as oppressive interference. There is no chance that they’ll have any interest in what you might have been doing and they don’t REALLY want you expressing too much interest in what they’re doing….! So apart from the chauffeuring and cheffing duties providing them with a place to BE is my main role. I don’t have a problem with that but I struggle with the expectation/lack of gratitude that comes from them for the various roles that I try to play. 

  I had always thought that I had brought my kids up to be polite, indeed ,I have always tried myself to be scrupulously polite and pleasant in my dealings with everyone thinking that this would quite naturally rub off on my children (your example is more important than what you say….say all the books on parenting)…but sadly it doesn’t appear that it has.

So my regular Monday Morning dilemma is whether I should use the journey to school which is 10 miles away from where I live to make sure they’ve done their homework and discuss their perceived shortcomings with them or take the journey in silence….they tend to be on their devices or catching a few extra Zzzzzzzs. Well I’m sorry to say that sitting in silence isn’t my style so I tend to have a loop monologue which tells my daughter that if she could POSSIBLY tear herself away from her full time Social Network activity enough to spend some time on her school work she could do very well. Also if she could find her way to hanging her towels over the very good  and prominent radiator in her room it would help,,,oh yes and If she could get up on the first time I come down to wake her and NOT begrudgingly on the 3rd or 4th time then I would really appreciate that !!! Then I have to work out what,if any demeanour I can tick my son off for I should do that so it’s not all just a long list of my daughters crimes…..

   Suffice to say I have no real guage of how effective my talk is as I wish them a good week & hope to see them next weekend or soon after….they smile wanly say ‘bye’….turn their backs on me and walk away…….